Administrative Resources

Resources below for Administrative Officers and Administrative Assistants to assist with departmental human resource planning, credentialing and reappointment processes, including:

**All documents must be converted to PDF before sending to Medical Affairs. The hospital is currently removing all Microsoft Word files with a .doc extension from all internal and external emails.

Appointment Categories

Credentialed Professional Staff is the term used to define physicians, dentists and midwives. See the Credentialed Professional Staff appointment definitions. Credentialed Professional Staff members who require an appointment at both London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph's Health Care London (St. Joseph’s) are appointed to one of the following categories within each hospital.

The City-Wide Credentials Committee (CWCC) evaluates the "credentials" of an individual and ensures that all criteria for appointment to the Credentialed Professional Staff are met as outlined in the Credentialed Professional Staff By-Laws.

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Credentialing and Reappointment Processes

This information will assist you in following credentialing and reappointment processes, including:

Credentialing is the process of confirming the qualifications of a member or potential member of the Credentialed Professional Staff.

Important Forms:

Annual Credentialed Professional Staff Reappointment Process

All Credentialed Professional Staff appointments are for the period July 1 to June 30th. In February of each year, Medical Affairs sends an e-mail to all Credentialed Professional Staff members to provide information and a link to access an online reappointment website.

Medical Affairs manages the process to validate each appointment, obtains support from the Department Chief, obtains approvals from the City-wide Credentials Committee, the Medical Advisory Committee and the Boards of Directors for LHSC and St. Joseph's. If any changes are required, Credentialed Professional Staff will be notified in advance.

Credentialed Professional Staff are notified by email by Medical Affairs after the Boards approve annual reappointments at their June meeting.

Probationary Process

Under the current London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph's Health Care London (St. Joseph's) and Credentialed Professional Staff By-Laws, all new Active Staff appointees are required to fulfill a 12-month probationary period and during this period, the appointment category is referred to as Associate. Once a successful final evaluation is submitted, the category will change from Associate to Active for the duration of the Credentialed Professional Staff's appointment.

The probationary period is intended to assess, among other areas, an appointee's clinical competency (impact on patient safety) and collegiality.

There are currently two evaluations that occur throughout the probationary period:

  1. Preliminary Evaluation - occurs at approximately the 4-month service date
  2. Final Evaluation - occurs at the 10-month service date

The appointee’s direct supervisor generally performs the evaluations, although the appointee and the Chief are required to co-sign the document and are encouraged to actively participate in the process. Upon receipt of a satisfactory Final Evaluation, Medical Affairs will review and recommend progression to an Active appointment to the City-Wide Credentials Committee who will then recommend to the Joint Medical Advisory Committee and then subsequently recommend to the LHSC and St. Joseph's Board of Directors.

This process will be completed by the 12-month end date of the appointees’ privilege line and shall not exceed the privilege end date. If by the end of the 12-month period, the probationary supervisor does not feel that the probationary Credentialed Professional Staff member should not yet be granted full Active Staff privileges, they can extend the probationary period to 24-months, or, suggest complete denial of hospital privileges. The extended probationary evaluation will need to be completed should this occur.

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Human Resources Information

Joint Professional Staff Human Resource Committee (JPSHRC)
The Human Resource Planning process is intended to provide departments with the opportunity to assess staffing needs related to the department's clinical and academic deliverables and to create Departmental Human Resource Plans. This is an ongoing process as each year the departments are asked to update their HR plans.

The Joint Professional Staff Human Resource Committee (JPSHRC) establishes criteria for HR plans and approves Credentialed Professional Staff positions.

The Credentialed Professional Staff HR Planning process is based on the following important principles that ensure there is a consistent and fair approach, city-wide, across all departments:

  • City-wide Credentialed Professional Staff HR Plans are based on clearly defined academic and clinical deliverables based on the vision, strategic direction and priorities of the London Hospitals and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry;
  • The primary accountability for the completion of city-wide departmental Credentialed Professional Staff HR plans rests with the Department Chair/Chief; and
  • Credentialed Professional Staff HR planning is conducted in partnership with the appropriate university, hospital, research, administrative and clinical representatives.

Reduced Workload Process for Clinical Academic Professional Staff
Reduced workload is a clinical academic appointment .5FTE - .9FTE. The full process and required document templates for reduced workload for clinical academic professional staff are outlined here.

Retirement Planning

In accordance with the hospitals’ Retirement Planning Policy, all Credentialed Professional Staff members must complete a Notification of Intent to Retire Planning Form at least 12 months prior to the date at which they intend to retire unless there are extraordinary circumstances like illness or disability. Retirement dates should be determined as far in advance as possible, but no later than 12 months in advance of the appointee giving up their Active or Modified-Active status in order to help with succession planning.

The form is a modification of the Credentialed Professional Staff Career Development and Planning Self-Assessment form. Following the submission of a retirement plan, all Credentialed Professional Staff members will review and re-affirm their retirement plans every two years thereafter.

The Credentialed Professional Staff member submits the Notification of Intent to Retire Planning Form to his/her Department Chief (or delegate) and meets with the Chief to confirm his/her plans. A complete, signed summary report is then given to Medical Affairs to facilitate the reappointment of the Credentialed Professional Staff member.

The Retirement Planning Resource Guide for Credentialed Professional Staff is a resource that was developed to assist the physician as well as the department to summarize the retirement planning process who wish to begin their impending partial (complete a Modified Active Planning Form) or full retirement from their hospital clinical appointment(s). There is a checklist that may be useful to ensure that all steps are taken in a timely manner to meet all hospital obligations.

Credentialed Professional Staff members are not eligible to be considered for reappointment if they do not complete their retirement reports, once a retirement date is determined.

Upon reaching a retirement date a Credentialed Professional Staff member may:

  • Retire;
  • Apply for appointment to the Honorary or Supportive staff.

Click here to view the retirement planning policy for LHSC or St. Joseph’s.

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To request a new position or if you have identified a potential candidate for an existing approved position, complete the Position Request/Candidate Review Impact Summary Form and submit to Medical Affairs. Part A is to be completed for position requests and Part B for a candidate review.

Medical Affairs will review the form and if necessary, distribute to the stakeholder group for review/approval. Subsequently, the Joint Professional Staff Human Resource Committee (JPSHRC) will review and provide final approval for the department to proceed with the recruitment process.

If you require a Joint Reference Form for Credentialed Professional Staff, click here. Three references are required to be submitted along with current CV, Academic Role Category document and the Position/Candidate Review Impact Summary form - Part B completed for the position to be filled by a candidate and proceed with the credentialing process.

Upon successful negotiations with the candidate, the department may begin the draft letter of offer.

How to Submit a Project Request (Replaces Form Space Request Form Process)
Project requests for new recruits are initiated by the hiring department. Click on the links below and follow the steps outlined on the Facilities Management website.

LHSC Project Request - Part A of the process is to create a Project Request which is forwarded to Facilities to assign a project number. Part B is to complete the Project Approval form, which is forwarded to Medical Affairs for approval. You will receive a confirmation email with a project number.

St. Joseph's Project Request - Click on the "Space/Project Request Form (leaders only) link using the login and password provided to you by Facilities Management. Part A of the process is to complete a Project Request which is forwarded to Facilities to assign a project number. Part B is to complete the Project Approval form, which is forwarded to Medical Affairs for approval. You will receive a confirmation email with a project number.

Office Furniture Standards

There are a number of tools available for departments to use in their recruitment efforts: