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Medical Affairs: Orientation Information for Visiting Elective Medical Students/Clinical Student Placements/Assistants

Congratulations on your confirmed elective or placement with London Health Sciences Centre and/or St. Joseph's Health Care London!

The following requirements must be completed if your elective or placement is at one of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) sites (i.e. Victoria, University, Children’s Hospitals, CPRI, Bryon and Victoria Family Medical) or St Joseph's Health Care (St. Joseph's) sites (i.e. St Joseph’s Hospital, St Joseph’s Family Medical, Parkwood Institute, Mount Hope and Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health)

Clinical Student placements and Assistants (i.e Midwifery or Pathology students): please see your instruction sheet to establish what requirements are appropraite for you.

Step 1. Privacy and Confidentiality Education and Agreement

Please see your "Hospital Requirements: Instruction Sheet" for Privacy and Confidentiality instructions, link and log in details.

Step 2. Please complete the three mandatory requirements below

1. Patient Care Systems Training

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) in class training: Required for all medical student electives at a London Hospital site (see list above) EXCEPT those on Emergency, Radiology or Pathology rotations. Register for your in class training PRIOR to the start of your elective and ensure you select the session that falls on or closest to your first day. Click here to register.
    *Clinical Student Placements ie Pathology, Midwifery and Assistants: EHR training will be set up independently.
  • FirstNet Training: The FirstNet online training must be completed PRIOR to your elective. *Please note: this training is required for Emergency Medicine rotations only. System access cannot be granted prior to completing training.

2. Required eLearning

3. Hospital Requirements Declaration form

All visiting electives and clinical students at a London Hospital site are required to complete certain eLearning modules as mandated by legislation or policy and is a requirement for anyone working, training or volunteering within the hospital buildings – it can cover important policy, safety and clinical related topics.

Please visit the learning page
to complete the required eLearning, you will then be asked to complete the Hospital Requirements Declaration form.

Other Important Information:

Hospital ID Badge
A signed ID badge request form can be obtained at the Electronic Health Records training session or from the department on your first day. ID cards will be issued by the GO2HR team at LHSC and Security at St Joseph's and the form will need to be taken to one of the following locations:
Only one badge is needed for LHSC (Victoria and University Hospital - you can go to either location to obtain)
  • University Hospital: will be issued from Room CLL-102 (Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1600)
  • Victoria Hospital: Room C3-300 M-F 0800-1600.
  • St. Joseph's Hospital: Level 0, zone B, room B0-401C
If you are on a Clinical Student Placement (Midwifery, Pathology etc) and the placement is less than 3 months, your University identification will suffice. 

If you will be required to dictate, you must have your own personal and confidential dictating User ID number. To have your personal dictating user ID number arranged, please contact Transcription Services after you have attended the in class Electronic Health Records training.

  • London Health Sciences Centre - 519-685-8500 ext. 35131
  • St. Joseph's Health Care London - 519-646-6000 ext. 65584

Dictation System Instruction Sheet

Parking can be arranged at one of the following locations

University Hospital

Victoria Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Parking garage adjacent to the main hospital building (Parkade 4) Open 24 hours, 7 days/week.

Parking Garage adjacent to the London Regional Cancer Centre (parkade 8)Open 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday

Grosvenor Street Parking Garage 

Please also review: