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Medical Affairs: Orientation Information for Visiting Elective Residents and Clinical Fellows

 Visiting elective residents and clinical fellows are required to complete all of the following requirements prior to receiving confirmation of hospital privileges for their electives with London hospitals:

  1. Hospital Appointment letter and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification 
  2. Health Review
  3. Online eLearning and in class Electronic Health Record (EHR) training
  4. Canadian Medical Protective Agency (CMPA) coverage 

Appointment letter

Sign and return the Hospital Appointment letter you received in your hospital application package to Medical Affairs

ACLS (Avanced Cardiac Life Support):
Please indicate the date you last received ACLS certification where indicated on page 1 of the Appointment Letter. Please note that all PGY 1 and 2s are required to hold valid ACLS certification for the duration of their elective. Those PGY3 or greater are required to hold valid ACLS certification if they are completing electives in the following programs: Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, OMFS, Psychiatry, Radiation Oncology, Respirology.

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Health Review

All electives must complete a health review IN FULL prior to being granted hospital privileges.

  • Complete the health screen form and return, along with supporting documentation (such as proof of immunization), to Occupational Health as soon as possible.
  • As part of the Health Review, you will be required to provide proof of TB testing received within the past 12 months.  If you have had a positive TB skin test, you are also required to complete the Positive TB survey form
  • Please ensure your N95 Respirator Fit-Testing certification is up to date, and that you have been fitted for one of the following mask types: 1860s, 1870/9210, 8210
  •  Please also ensure your Influenza Vaccination is current.

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Required online eLearning and in class Electronic Health Record (EHR) Training

All visiting elective residents/clinical fellows are required to complete the following learning (all of which are online except for EHR training). These have been put in place for your safety and are a requirement of your hospital privileges. Your login and password are contained in the Hospital Application Package sent via email from Medical Affairs.

  1. Chain of Transmission
  2. Excelling at Accessible Customer Service
  3. Fire Response and Evacuation
  4. FirstNet *Module is not compatible with MAC/browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9.
  5. Hand Hygiene
  6. Privacy and Confidentiality
  7. Routine Practices
  8. Sepsis *Upon completing this learning, please choose the 'Physicians Click Here' tab at the upper left of the screen.
  9. WHMIS
  10. Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Training:
This in class training must be registered for PRIOR to your elective.  Please register as soon as possible for the session that falls on the first day or closest to your first day of your elective.
*Please note that Cerner systems cannot be accessed prior to receiving this training.

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CMPA coverage

All elective residents and clinical fellows are required to have CMPA coverage in place for the Province of Ontario for the duration of your elective period. Please provide a copy via email or fax to 519-667-6844.

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