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Required Online Learning and Hospital Requirements

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1. Required Online Learning

Pelase ensure your pop up blockers are off and you may be prompted to update the Flash Player. The learning modules below will each open in a new browser window.

Please click on each of the online training modules applicable to the primary location of your elective/placement (LHSC; University or Victoria Hosptial which includes Childrens and the Cancer Centre vs St. Joseph's which includes Parkwood, Parkwood Mental Health and Southwest Centre), they will open in a separate window for you to complete. You will then sign a Hospital Declaration form located below to verify your completion.

If you are unsure what location your elective/placement will be located, please complete the Online learning for LHSC Electives/Placements.

 Online learning for LHSC Elective/Placements/Assistants

  Online learning for St Joseph’s Elective/Placements/Assistants

(AODA) Excelling at Accessible Customer Service: 

Hospital Requirements Declaration form

To complete your registration with Medical Affairs, which is required in order for you to be on-site at LHSC and/or St. Joseph’s please select the link below to verify that you have completed the education requirements: