Family Resource Centre

Located at Parkwood Institute, Mental Health Care Building, 550 Wellington Road, the Family Resource Centre is available available to families from both mental health care sites of St. Joseph's London and the surrounding area. The centre provides a comfortable place where families can obtain current information about a particular illness, knowledge about navigating the mental health care system, and coping strategies for dealing with family issues from other family members who have had similar experiences.  

The council has purchased an excellent variety of books, magazines, videos, audiotapes and pamphlets, as well as a computer where information and research can be accessed from the Internet.

In addition, the centre offers the opportunity to meet with other family members one-on-one or in small groups to share experiences and provide peer support, and to participate in a formal family education course.

It is hoped that through these services, families will be better able to support their ill relatives, while reducing stress in their own lives.

The centre offers a variety of services including:

  • Current books, videos, audio tapes, and pamphlets on most mental illnesses
  • The opportunity to meet one-on-one with another family member who has had personal experience with mental illness and the mental health care system
  • The ability to participate in a support group comprised of 5-10 family members affected by mental illness and facilitated by a trained family member
  • Registration in a family education course taught by experienced family members
  • Membership on the Family Advisory Council and voluntary attendance at monthly meetings

All of the above services are free of charge.

For more information please see contact information.

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