Patient Council: Our Executive and What We Do

To support the Patient Council services and the work we do, the Patient Council chooses four members to coordinate its work and projects to communicate with staff and administration. They also have a facilitator.

Current executive members

  • Barb Peters, Chair
  • Christine Boyd, Vice Chair
  • Bill Lee, Executive member
  • Brian Dudley, Executive member

Patient Council Facilitator

The Patients' Council facilitator is an employee of St. Joseph's and serves as facilitator to members of the Patients' Council. In this role the facilitator helps build the capacity of members to do their advocacy work, provides guidance, and supports them in the day-to-day implementation of projects and peer support services and activities. This role also assists the Patients' Council as a link between staff/administration and its members. The Patients’ Council Facilitator also completes a variety of administrative duties to ensure that the Council operates smoothly.

Rachel Hudson
Patient Council Facilitator
Phone: 519 646-6100 ext. 47064 (Parkwood Institute) or ext. 49646 (Southwest Centre)

What We Do:

  • Gather information about systemic issues of concern arising in the hospital or any of its affiliated clinics (an issue is systemic if it affects more than one individual)
  • Hold regular monthly meetings
  • Hold weekly social/peer support activities (such as coffee day and the patient drop-in centre)
  • Present issues to staff and administration and collaborate for positive change
  • Represent patients on many of the hospital committees, ensuring the patient point-of-view is heard in planning and policy-making
  • Act as an on-going resource to patients and staff alike
  • Participate in the Ontario Association of Patient Councils, which brings Patient Councils together and works for change at the provincial level
  • Strive to erase the stereotypes and discrimination associated with mental illness through education of patients, families, caregivers, and the general public
  • Publish a monthly newsletter called the Patient Voice that is written for and by patients at Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Building and the Southwest Centre
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