Mental Health Care: Assessment Program

Directions and Contact

Who We Are

The Assessment Program cares for individuals with serious mental illness who require specialized diagnostic assessment. Care includes assessment and initial stabilization with recommendations for further treatment, rehabilitation and community reintegration. 

We focus on providing collaborative care with family physicians and community providers.

We work to establish a supportive relationship with each patient and family and work toward finding the best care to suit their needs as individuals learn new life skills. 

Our Aim

The Assessment Program helps to ensure each patient receives the right care in the right environment. Our program provides specialized assessment and initial stabilization for individuals who require care. 

Our goal is to develop plans of care together with the patient and family for successful rehabilitation and treatment.

Our Team

Our team consists of nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, spiritual care workers, social workers, occupational therapists and therapeutic recreationists who provide patients and families with a wide range of services. Our patients are invited to participate actively in helping to plan their own care.

Our Role

The Assessment Program provides specialized and skilled inpatient care for those diagnosed with serious mental illness in Southwestern Ontario and is accessible by physician referral. 

The Assessment Program brings new insight and care approaches to patients, as well as recommendations for further treatment and support for safe and timely reintegration into the community. 

Community Connection

We respect and support each patient’s right to choose a community in which to live and work. We work with community partners to deliver skilled services to people while establishing new partnerships with many community agencies for the benefit of the patient as they journey toward recovery and eventually community living.

Teaching and Research

We are committed to continual learning. Our team members promote and conduct research, contributing to our growing understanding of mental illness.

We demonstrate our commitment to best health practices by continually bringing new knowledge to staff and patients. 

We take pride in helping to contribute to the education of future care providers. Many of our team members carry out teaching, publication and research roles at universities across the region.

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