The Recovery Philosophy of Care

The mental health care programs at St. Joseph’s strive to provide a positive, respectful, culturally sensitive environment that understands the unique needs of every individual. Our care providers assist patients in their personal journey beyond the limitations of illness and toward recovery.

The overarching goal of the recovery philosophy of care is grounded in a treatment program which focuses on helping each patient live a full and meaningful life. St. Joseph's works closely with patients and families to identify goals and learn what is important to them on their journey to recovery.

Recovery, in mental health care, is not defined by the absence of the illness (as an individual may always live with mental illness) instead it describes the management of the illness and symptoms. Management involves coping with mental illness and continuing to thrive in the community. Through intensive work with our care teams, patients are able to develop new skills needed to successfully reintegrate back into the community.

Last updated: Thu, 2015-02-26 09:11