Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care: History

Mount Hope's history in long term care began in 1869 when the Sisters of St. Joseph founded the original Mount Hope. Their mission was to care for the sick, the frail, the vulnerable and the elderly. By building on this mission and incorporating the principles for long term care reform, St. Joseph's Health Care London has created the Mount Hope community — a living example of the future of long term care.

Today, Mount Hope is home to close to 400 residents. It is part of St. Joseph's Health Care London and is owned and operated by the St. Joseph's Health Care Society. The mission and philosophy continue to be enhanced to create more choice, more freedom and a better quality of life for the residents.

History of St. Mary's 

The St. Mary’s annex has a long history dating back to when the Sisters of St. Joseph opened St. Mary’s Hospital in 1951. Components of this history will be preserved and celebrated when the new façade is complete.

Read more about the history of St. Mary's Hospital, as compiled by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Photos and video of the changes to St. Mary's Annex

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