Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care: History

Mount Hope's history in long term care began in 1869 when the Sisters of St. Joseph founded the original Mount Hope. Their mission was to care for the sick, the frail, the vulnerable and the elderly. By building on this mission and incorporating the principles for long term care reform, St. Joseph's Health Care London has created the Mount Hope community — a living example of the future of long term care.

Today, Mount Hope is home to close to 400 residents. It is part of St. Joseph's Health Care London and is owned and operated by the St. Joseph's Health Care Society. The mission and philosophy continue to be enhanced to create more choice, more freedom and a better quality of life for the residents.

History of St. Mary's 

The St. Mary’s annex has a long history dating back to when the Sisters of St. Joseph opened St. Mary’s Hospital in 1951. Components of this history will be preserved and celebrated when the new façade is complete.

Basic facts 1869: Mount Hope established as an Orphanage, Motherhouse, and Home for the Aged.

1900: Motherhouse, Novitiate and Orphanage move to Mount St. Joseph; Mount Hope renamed the House of Providence (a home for the aged).

1951: St. Mary’s Hospital is opened on the same grounds as the House of Providence.

1965: Original Mount Hope building demolished.

1966: Marian Villa - for the elderly - built adjacent to the House of Providence, connected to St. Mary’s Hospital.

1980: House of Providence is demolished.

1985: St. Mary’s Hospital and Marian Villa joined forces and amalgamate with St. Joseph’s Hospital to form St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

1993: Ownership transferred to St. Joseph’s Health Care Society

1997: The “New” St. Mary’s Hospital is completed on the same grounds; along with Marian Villa and the former St. Mary’s Hospital, it forms Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care.

Opening of St. Mary’s Hospital, London

“The benign and thoughtful weatherman favoured the Opening Day of St. Mary’s Hospital, for despite the thunder clouds and threatening cold weather which preceded it, the most delightful spring day dawned, a real May Day. The bright sun beamed down on the opening leaves and flowers, and the balmy breezes fanned the crowds who were seated on Grosvenor Street in front of the hospital. All traffic was shut off, so the scene presented a colourful picture representing hundreds of interested citizens who witnessed the opening ceremonies, proud that the City of London was to possess such a magnificent building for their poor and chronically ill patients” (p. 7).

Source: St. Mary’s Hospital, London History, 1950-1965.

“Dr. E.I. Loughlin spoke for the Medical Profession in London.

“For the past 30 years I have had the opportunity of observing the manner in which the Sisters of St. Joseph have taken care of the sick in Western Ontario, and have met the ever-increasing demand for medical services,” he said. “They have constantly improved their hospital facilities and constantly tried to improve hospitalization. He said the new hospital was equipped with the latest science had produced and was equipped with a “Hand-picked staff of nursing sisters whose work is not based on an eight-hour day or five-day week, but who have devoted entire lives to their patients in patience, in charity and humility, which was the secret of their success.” He said the doctors of London “are behind them 100 per cent in their unique and much-needed hospital in London”” (p. 9).

Source: St. Mary’s Hospital, London History, 1950-1965.

“Speaking for the City of London, Mayor Allan J. Rush said it was an auspicious day for London. “The chronically ill call for special sympathies,” he declared. “This building proves the Sisters have felt the need and done something about it. I congratulate the Sisters on behalf of London for their vision and Christian charity in undertaking this work”” (p. 9).

Source: St. Mary’s Hospital, London History, 1950-1965

From the Reverend Mother (Margaret Coughlin) to the Sisters

“Dear Sister Superior and Sisters: May’s “blessed and beautiful days” are usually teeming with activity and this year was certainly no exception. The first day, “May Day” marked the opening of St. Mary’s Hospital, a truly great event in the history of our Community, and one of which each and every Sister of St. Joseph may be justly proud. Both His Excellency Bishop Cody and the Honourable Paul Martin stressed the need for such an institution in London and extended sincere congratulations to Reverend Mother and her Sisters on the completion of so great and worthy an enterprise. We trust and pray that God will continue to generously bless the work so nobly begun. It will be of interest to you to know that in this one month 100 patients have been admitted.”

Source: Community Newsletter, May 31, 1951 

PDF version of the above history of St. Mary's Hospital, as compiled by the Sisters of St. Joseph.


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