Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care: Parking Information and Maps (including accessible spaces) and Public Transit


There are approximately 50 parking spaces on the ground level of Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care off of College Street near St George Street.

All Mount Hope doors are locked to keep our residents safe. To enter, look for the keypad by the door leading into the elevator vestibule. Enter the keypad access number which is noted on the sign above the keypad and immediately open the door leading to the elevators. You will also need to enter this code when exiting the building and returning to your car.

Parking office

The parking office is located in the southeast corner of the Grosvenor Street parking garage, near Wellington Road, and can be reached at 519 646-6100, ext. 65113

 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside those hours, calls are directed to a 24-hour SP+ call centre. The call centre can also be reached by intercom available on the parking pay machines. 

Parking Rates

Daily Rate

Monthly Rate




Public Transit

Contact the London Transit Commission at 519 451-1347 for rates, times and route information. The following London Transit bus routes will drop you off at a sheltered bus stop on Richmond Street, near the entrance to Mount Hope:

  • 1 Kipps Lane Thompson Road
  • 4 Oxford East
  • 6 Richmond
  • 13 Wellington
  • 21 Huron Heights

Courteous parking to ensure maximum lot capacity

To ensure our patients, visitors, staff and physicians have adequate parking Standard Parking (SP+), our parking management company, is enforcing parking regulations across all of St. Joseph’s sites. This is in an effort to address the ongoing complaints regarding cars taking up more than one spot. All users of our parking facilities are asked to pay attention to parking regulations and how you park your vehicle. Vehicles taking up more than one spot will now be ticketed by SP+. As well, those who park for more than 10 minutes in patient drop-off designated areas, in handicapped parking without a permit, at loading docks, and other restricted areas will also find their vehicles being ticketed.

Fines range from $30 to $60 depending on the type of infraction.

Your respect those using our parking lots is greatly appreciated. If you have any parking questions please contact SP+ at

Last updated: Thu, 2020-04-30 16:11