Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care: Resident Satisfaction

At Mount Hope we are proud of the care we provide to our residents

Monitoring quality and satisfaction
To ensure we continue improving our services to meet our residents' needs, we regularly monitor satisfaction.

  • Resident satisfaction and food surveys are conducted with residents and families. Post-admission surveys are sent to families of new residents;
  • Monthly Quality of Care Committee meetings are held with Board, community and staff members;
  • At monthly Residents' Council meetings, concerns are submitted in writing to the appropriate coordinator (i.e. nursing, dietary, housekeeping, laundry and are reviewed. A written response is prepared, reviewed by the Director, and returned to Residents' Council for their information and review;
  • All families are welcome to attend quarterly Family Council meetings to voice their compliments and concerns;
  • Indicators such as infection rates, falls and medication usage rates are closely monitored

Mount Hope is accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Complaint Avenues
Although we do our utmost to ensure our residents are pleased with the services we provide , we are continuously seeking ways to improve our care. The following complaint avenues are available to residents and families.

  • When a resident is admitted to Mount Hope, families are advised, both verbally and in writing, of the process to follow if they have a complaint. This information is also posted. It contains contact names and numbers for all areas at Mount Hope and states: The registered nursing staff member on the unit is a good initial resource person to hear your concerns. She/he will be able to direct you to the appropriate person to answer your concerns.
  • Also included in the information to the family is a page on the process to contact the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care with concerns, and states:

    While we hope we can answer your concerns satisfactorily, there are others you can call if we have not been able to do that.

  • Rarely do complaints go to the Ministry; they can usually be resolved with the direct care staff or the resident care coordinator.
  • Residents are informed of the Residents' Council and its role in providing a forum to raise collective and individual concerns. A resident floor representative provides information to new residents and encourages them to attend meetings of the council.

Complaints registered with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
A record is kept of all the Ministry compliance visits. In 2004 there were seven complaints with no unmet standards.

When a Ministry of Health compliance advisor visits, they do not specify what prompted the visit, or who registered the complaint. They announce their arrival to the Director or designate and go directly to the resident unit or area they wish to observe. After the visit, a debriefing is made to the Director and Coordinator of the affected area (e.g. nursing, dietary) in terms of findings. If there are unmet standards or criteria, a written action plan to address the concerns must be submitted within a time period set with the compliance advisor.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website
The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) now has a public website that contains statistical information on 'unmet standards' and 'verified concerns' for each long term care home in Ontario as well as provincial averages.

At Mount Hope we welcome and support this initiative. We have long been advocates of improving public access to information. We already report publicly through a municipal council/board, and we operate within one of the most transparent sectors in the health care field.

We encourage the public to use the Ministry's website as one source of information when choosing a home. Consumers should also consider a number of factors, and use a variety of information sources, such as: visiting prospective homes and talking to staff; reviewing resident satisfaction surveys; and asking for testimonials from third parties when choosing a home.

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