NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation (NTR): Areas of Expertise

model of spinal cordLocated at Parkwood Institute, we smooth the transition from hospital stays. Our clients have access to the resources of a well-respected rehabilitation, research and teaching centre. We focus on assessment, therapy, education and care plans.

Following a serious injury to the nervous system people often experience:

  • Complex physical injuries
  • Challenges with thinking, memory and problem solving 
  • Trouble communicating clearly 
  • Problems with sight, hearing, touch, taste and/or smell 
  • Changes in behaviour such as depression, anxiety, frustration and personality changes 
  • Concerns about how to manage daily activities.

Goal-focused comprehensive rehabilitation services:

  • Specific evaluations and assessments
  • Modifications for home, workplace or vehicle 
  • Goal-setting including a focus on pacing and planning 
  • Learning how to drive 
  • Organizing daily activities 
  • Discovering new hobbies and recreational activities 
  • Therapies provided by professionals with expertise in neurotrauma and multiple traumas
  • Comprehensive group circuit training program for brain, balance and visual deficits called Brain Ex90 NTR
  • CogMed 

rehabilitation patient using hammerrehabilitation patient with splint on hand


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