NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation (NTR): The Team

 Our team offers a full range of community and clinic-based rehabilitation services to meet clients' needs.

Occupational Therapy

Kathleen Murphy is an Occupational Therapist with more than 35 years of clinical experience working with adolescents and adults.  For the past ten years she has focused on people with an acquired brain injury. This experience allows her to creatively access the resources, tools and techniques required to support patient goals.  Kathleen’s practice includes assessment, consultation and treatment with clients to help determine how their life has changed since their accident or trauma and to help them return to meaningful activities. Kathleen has been active with the College of Occupational Therapists in various committees, and is very active in the community with the Rotary Club and also the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Kim Amey
Susan Gauvin
Monique MacDonald
Anna Stekar
Heather McKeen
Jenny Iszakovits


Katie GonserKatie Gonser is a Physiotherapist for the Transitional and Lifelong Care (TLC) and NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation (NTR) programs at Parkwood Institute. She graduated from Western University with an Honors Specialization in Health Sciences with Health Promotion and went on to complete her Masters of Physical Therapy at Queens University. Katie has experience working with a variety of neurological populations including stroke, acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury. She has had opportunities to work in a variety of settings from acute care, rehabilitation and community based programs. These experiences have provided her with a unique perspective on the transitions through the health care continuum. Katie has completed further postgraduate training on concussion management and is completing courses on Locomotor gait retraining, vestibular rehabilitation and NDT techniques. In her role as a physiotherapist, Katie works with patients and their families to establish goals for ongoing rehabilitation. She maintains a belief that every patient has not only unique goals but unique approaches in how to attain their goals.

Kristin Wanless
Shannon Walters



Connie Marshall is Psychometrist who holds a BA in psychology and possesses the designation of Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor. Her background experience includes over 15 years in research, test development and vocational rehabilitation.  Connie is currently working with both the Ministry of Health and-third party acquired brain injury programs at Parkwood lnstitute.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Cathy Geurtjens
Danielle Pearce
Jennifer Hambleton

Social Work

Eric Keen

Speech Language Pathology

Adrienne Bulhoes
Debra Medzon
Suzie Fox


Dr. Lorraine McFadden

Program Coordinator

Tony Collrin 

Program Assistant

Wendy Davis

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