Meet Ales

Our fall 2019 Dream Lottery patient spokesperson
Ales Wittek celebrates his medals with his two daughters
Ales Wittek celebrates his swimming medals with his two daughters

Six years ago after a morning workout in the pool, Ales had a heart attack. He spent a week recovering in hospital after doctors repaired a clogged artery in his heart. But his situation became worse after another cardiac episode a few months later. 

Ales figured he would never swim competitively again. But that was when he was referred to the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Ales learned how to control pain from his angina and followed a modified exercise program to rebuild strength. He was also given the psychological support to get through this life changing event.

Three years later, Ales competed in the Ontario Masters Swimming Championships where he won several medals including a gold in the 200M butterfly. The best part was that his two daughters were able to watch their dad enjoy his love of swimming.

Ales is the fall 2019 Dream Lottery patient spokesperson for St. Joseph's. Visit for lottery details.

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