Your Donation Matters this Christmas

Season of Celebration launched with a single question from the care-giving team, “How can we make Christmas a little brighter for those in our care, who can’t go home for the holidays?”

What started as a small and thoughtful initiative 30 years ago, has grown into a special fundraiser that the community continues to respond to.

Season of Celebration launch 1990
Season of Celebration launched in 1990 at (then) Parkwood Hospital to bring joy to patients and residents who were in hospital during the holidays.

Donor support has touched so many lives across the organization and helped purchase things like television sets for patient’s bedrooms, art supplies, blanket warmers, specialty mattresses and a fully accessible bus for social outings.

But most importantly, Season of Celebration has ensured that hospital feels more like home for the more than 1,000 patients and residents who are in St. Joseph’s care at Christmas, and all year round.

Anne and Bernice talking
St. Joseph’s has more than 1,000 inpatient beds, which include patients and residents across all five care giving sites.

This year, Christmas will look different for those who can’t be with their families due to COVID-19. This disease threatens our health, but isolation is the greatest threat to people’s mental well-being. You can help us brighten the lives of those in our care and remind them they are thought of especially at this time of year.

Your gift to this year’s 30th Season of Celebration will support things like new accessible furniture in the Veterans’ rooms at Parkwood Institute, mammography chairs in the Breast Care Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and upgrades to the recreation hall in Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, and so much more.

“Be the light that brightens the lives of patients and residents cared for by St. Joseph’s this Christmas, and all year long.” – Michelle Campbell

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