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Lou and Margot dancing together
Lou Kreamer dances with his wife Margot many years ago.

When asked about his favourite memory from his years of service in the Canadian Air Force, Lou Kreamer smiles and gestures to his wife Margot, saying, “I met her and married her.”

Lou enrolled in the Canadian Air Force in 1954 and met Margot during one of several tours in Germany as an electronic aircraft technician. After nearly 54 years of marriage, it’s clear how much they love each other, and Margot is often by her husband’s side.

In October 2020, just days after his 86th birthday, Lou moved into the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute. His health had been getting harder to manage. Over the last several years, he had battled cancer, brain seizures and the loss of eyesight in his left eye. He was also prone to developing pressure sores, an injury that would not heal properly. When it came time to find a spot in long-term care, Lou’s first choice was Parkwood.

Lou looking off into the distance with trees behind him
Lou Kreamer on the grounds of Parkwood Institute.

“I receive terrific care here, the best. The nurses are my angels,” Lou says. “I sleep in my comfy bed and feel rested.”

Since his move to Parkwood, Lou has slept on a specialty mattress, which has made his pressure sores disappear. This improvement helps him be an enthusiastic participant in the resident activities. He enjoys weekly Euchre games, bingo, trivia, crossword puzzles, visiting with fellow residents, and he’s also an avid reader.

“I’ve read 15 books that my son gave me in the last few months, and once I finish, I donate the books to the hospital library,” says Lou. He loves a good “whodunnit” novel as well as military-themed non-fiction.

Lou also uses Messenger to video call Margot every morning to chat, even now when she’s been able to resume regular visits. Last Christmas, when outings weren’t possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lou felt lucky to win a raffle at Parkwood with the prize of a crocheted blanket with a red poppy. He was pleased to give this to his wife, along with a photo of himself, which a nurse helped to arrange and gift wrap. He says it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever been able to give for the holidays.

You too can brighten a life this Christmas with a gift to Season of Celebration. This year St. Joseph’s urgently needs to replace more than 80 specialty mattresses and bed frames throughout our care-giving sites. Your gift will ensure that help patients and residents like Lou get a good night’s rest.

Nothing benefits the body, mind and spirit quite like restful sleep. These new, specialty mattresses alleviate pressure points and evenly distribute body weight to prevent pressure sores that some Veterans experience. Most importantly, the mattresses are comfortable so that patients wake up recharged and ready to fully engage in the day’s activities.

Learn how you can support Veterans like Lou with a gift to Season of Celebration.

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