Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation: What's Involved?

What's involved in a Driving Assessment?

Clinical Assessment

  • conducted by an occupational therapist
  • approximately two hours
  • includes: medical history, driving history and driving goals, physical assessment, perceptual assessment, computer based cognitive behavioural assessment, physical assessment, visual/perceptual assessment, and cognitive assessment.

On-road Assessment

  • conducted by an occupational therapist and a certified driving instructor
  • approximately one hour
  • the predetermined route includes residential areas, commercial areas and the expressway.
  • an assessment vehicle is used, equipped with a dual braking system.
  • a one-day temporary permit is arranged through the MTO, if the client's license is under medical suspension.

Recommendation Session

  • recommendations are given to the client immediately following the assessment
  • documentation is forwarded to the referral source, the client and the Ministry of Transportation (where applicable)
  • the assessment will include determining whether adaptive equipment and/or vehicle modifications are required to assure driving accessibility and safety
  • an evaluation for equipment can be completed when a client has unique needs as a passenger

Vocational Assessments

  • We have recently linked with Ontario Truck Driving School and are able to provide assessments for individuals who are employed as truck or bus drivers.

Driver Rehabilitation Services

  • one-on-one driving lessons for new drivers with physical and/or learning disabilities.  In partnership with an Approved Functional Assessment Centre for Beginner Driver Education, this can be done as a part of the new driver certificate program.
  • in-car remedial driving lessons
  • clinical remediation to improve skills in attention, perception, stress management, etc.
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