St. Joseph’s pays tribute to the South West Community Care Access Centre as Community Partner of Distinction

Jun. 16, 2011

Helping over 55,000 people in the region find the right care, in the right place, at the right time, the South West Community Care Access Centre (SW CCAC) was honoured at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s community meeting today with the St. Joseph’s Community Partner of Distinction Award for 2010/2011.
“We chose the SW CCAC for this award because they are a longstanding, vital partner of programs and services across St. Joseph’s and the region’s health system as a whole,” says Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, St. Joseph’s president and CEO.

"The South West Community Care Access Centre is delighted to work with organizations like St. Joseph's to connect people with the care they need," says Sandra Coleman, CEO of the SW CCAC.  "Being recognized with this award indicates the CCAC and St Joseph’s are working in partnership to enable people to receive high quality care and a seamless experience through the health system."

St. Joseph’s and the SW CCAC work together to enable patients to resume community living, provide exceptional care, and support families dealing with the complex health needs of their loved ones — in some cases, during the last days of their lives. 

The SW CCAC was also a partner in developing the Transitional Care Unit at Parkwood Hospital, assessing patient needs and community capacity in relation to mental health care, facilitating care and discharge, and planning system projects such as the South West Local Health Integration Network-supported Aging at Home Strategy—particularly the Community Stroke Rehabilitation Teams.

The Community Partner of Distinction Award recognizes partnership and collaboration - essential requirements of health care delivery and community service. The award is presented each year to a team or organization that has shown significant support of St. Joseph’s mission and/or the advancement of the health care system in collaboration with others.

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