Getting a new grip on life: June is stroke awareness month

Jun. 21, 2011

Imagine being unable to hold a child, wipe a tear or wave hello. This is the reality many face after losing the user of their hands or arms following a neurological injury such as a stroke.

To help patients maximize their arm and hand function following such an injury, the stroke rehabilitation program at St. Joseph's Parkwood Hospital is now using Saebo products. "As a leader in stroke rehab, our therapists have the expertise to work with these revolutionary products," say stroke rehabilitation coordinator Eileen Britt.

The Saebo arm and hand brace is relatively new to Canada. It is a mechanical orthotic device that uses extension springs to help patients with no arm and hand function to immediately bein using their hand for grasp and release activities - something that would otherwise be impossible. Patients follow a schedule for wearing the device which can be used during the therapy sessions and at home.

The time between the stroke injury and treatment is not a factor with patients showing improvement with the Saebo othoses up to 20 years after the injury. "The Saebo products are not right for everyone," cautions Eileen, "but they are proving to be very effective for patients who meet the criteria."

Because Saebo products are tailored specifically for each patient, therapists precisely measure patients' fingers to ensure an exact fit for the orthosis. Patients using the Saebo products all show improvement in their hand function and are getting a new grip on life.

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