Amputee Rehabilitation Program: Overview of Inpatient Stay

Most people are in the amputee program for an average of three weeks (this may vary from two to eight weeks, depending on your needs). While in hospital, your day will be scheduled with the different team members working with you, but you will have time to yourself as well. Once you become familiar with your schedule, you can direct visiting friends to the less busy times. Family visitors are welcome to attend scheduled sessions with you. (This is especially useful if they will be helping you at home.)

Appointments with the amputee team members are scheduled Monday to Friday. People are encouraged to go home on the weekends. These visits home are called "leaves of absence," and may last anywhere from a few hours to a complete weekend. In the beginning, the time at home may be without the prosthesis. As your skills with the prosthesis and your skin's tolerance improve, we will encourage you to have the prosthesis at home for the weekend.

Our amputee program works with different prosthetic firms. All of the prosthetists come to the hospital two times per week for the "gait rounds," which the doctor and other team members also attend. (Family are welcome to attend these rounds and observe their relative's progress.) At this time the team will discuss any adjustments required for your prosthesis. It is normal for the prosthesis to need adjustments in order to fine-tune the fit.

Before discharge, you and your family may wish to meet with the team to discuss your progress and any questions or concerns you have. This is can be arranged by the social worker, if necessary. As mentioned, your family is also welcome to attend the rounds held in the therapy gym twice weekly. Additional follow-up services, such as those through the Community Care Access Centre, will be arranged by the team, if necessary, prior to your discharge.

An amputee clinic appointment will be arranged for approximately six weeks after discharge. The purpose of the appointment is to see the amputee team and to make sure things are going well at home with your prosthesis. The amputee team will see you at the clinic on a regular basis after the first appointment

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