Wound Care: Info for Patients

In addition to wound and skin health services offered to inpatients at Parkwood lnstitute, here are the services offered to outpatients.

Outpatient Chronic Wound Management Clinic

This consultative service reaches out to patients in the 10 counties of Southwestern Ontario. The clinic offers an holistic approach to wound care for patients who have chronic or complex wounds, and works collaboratively with home care and community physicians to provide ongoing management of complex wounds.

The Outpatient Chronic Wound Management Clinic has an interprofessional team consisting of nurses and a physician, with access to occupational therapy, dietary, physiotherapy and seating clinic services.   In particular, this clinic works collaboratively with the Spinal Cord and Acquired Brain Injury Programs in Ambulatory Care.

This Clinic began in 1997 and last year saw 252 new referrals and 918 follow-up visits.

A referral from a physician is required for clinic patients. The referral can be faxed to 519 685-4075.

Outpatient Amputee Clinic

The Amputee Clinic is an extension of the in-patient Regional Amputee Rehabilitation Program. The clinic provides discharge follow-up from the inpatient program and assesses new referrals. The clinic offers a holistic approach to wound care to meet the needs of people who have suffered a partial or total loss of limb(s).

Access to the clinic is through a physician referral. The referral can be faxed to 519 685-4075.

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