Clinical Ethics: Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning is a process designed to help people think about and express choices about future personal care. It will ensure that their wishes guide the decisions made for their care and treatment should they become unable to make the decisions. This includes decisions about treatment, admission to long term care and personal assistance services. It can also include the names of the person/people to be appointed to make the decisions for them.

Advanced Care Planning is about:

  • making clear how the patient/resident wishes to be cared for, and
  • giving someone they trust the authority to act on their behalf.

Let’s Talk About It! Advance Care Planning With Your Loved Ones

For community members and groups, an interactive workshop was developed to help people (families, patients and community members) talk with each other about resuscitation wishes and other End-of-Life wishes. “Let’s Talk About It! Advance Care Planning With Your Loved Ones” is a one-hour interactive workshop that is offered to groups of 10 or more people in the community. Please contact the clinical ethicist to arrange a workshop.

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Also visit  Making Health Care Decisions for Others.

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