Forensic Program: Partners

The Forensic Psychiatry Program works collaboratively with our community service partners in order to provide coordinated services to clients.

Canadian Mental Health Association
St. Leonard's Society

Beginning in spring 2010 a new collaboration was established between St. Leonard’s Community Services and the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. At this time two spots for Forensic clients have been established in St. Leonard’s supported residences and programming, which assists clients in their journey of recovery as they transition back to community living.

St. Leonard’s is a natural fit as an organization to partner with as they offer educational, community-based support programs/services, and residential centers to assist people in conflict with the law to make a positive change and realize their potential. To be eligible to participate in the program Forensic clients need to be on a detention disposition with the Ontario Review Board with the ability to live in the community.

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