General Admission Criteria

Complex Continuing Care, Rehabilitation and Specialized Geriatric Services:

  • All acute medical issues have been resolved and are not fluctuating
  • The patient or substitute decision maker has voluntarily consented to referral for admission to the program and demonstrates willingness to participate in the rehabilitation program
  • Patient is committed to returning to the community, utilizing family and community support services as available
  • Planned post - CCC/Rehab/SGS discharge destination has been discussed and patient/family agrees to participate actively in discharge planning
  • There is reason to believe that, based on clinical expertise and evidence in the literature, the patient’s condition is likely to benefit from a CCC/Rehab/SGS program/service
  • Goals have been established and are specific, measurable, realistic and timely
  • An acute care follow-up plan is in place at the time of the referral and follow-up appointments have been made at the time of discharge from the acute site
  • Patient’s equipment needs have been determined and documented

Admission criteria for patients applying to Rehabilitation and Specialized Geriatric Services only:

  • Patient has demonstrated the ability to tolerate being up and out of bed for at least 1hour per day.
  • Patient has demonstrated the ability to tolerate a minimum of 1 hour of therapy per day for up to 5-7 days per week.
  • Patient has demonstrated the potential to attain functional goals, to participate in an active rehabilitation program, and to integrate new learning into daily life.
  • Patient has sufficient cognitive skills to participate in goal setting and the ability to demonstrate regular progress (include MMSE or MOCA score with application if applicable).
  • Treatment of other co-morbid illnesses/conditions does not interfere with patient’s ability to participate in rehabilitation (e.g. active treatment that results in frequent absences from the unit during rehabilitation treatment sessions).

Note: Programs may have additional admission criteria which is highlighted on their specific web pages found under Specific Program Information and Referral Forms


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