Complex Continuing Care

Complex Continuing Care is a 62 bed inpatient service intended for adults whose ongoing complex care needs cannot currently be met in the community or in a long-term care facility. It is a part of the health care continuum designed to provide medical management, skilled nursing and a range of interprofessional diagnostic, therapeutic and technological services to achieve patient identified goals and optimize the quality of life of individuals who have a chronic and complex condition.

The Complex Continuing Care program serves three primary patient groups:

  • Patients whose care needs exceed those that can be met in a long-term care home;
  • Those who are future candidates for rehabilitation but who need low intensity, long duration therapy to meet the rehabilitation admission criteria; and,
  • Patients with multiple care needs or disease processes who need on-going nursing care that are complex and involved, requiring on-going nursing care and cannot be managed in the community

Program participants will be assisted to achieve and maintain their maximum potential for health and functional ability. The Complex Care Program is a transitional setting and does not provide Long Term Care. Therefore, the team will continuously work towards discharge as patient care needs are met. If discharge home is not appropriate then the patient will be discharged to a Long Term Care facility or to another facility that meets their needs.

  • Patients admitted to Complex Continuing Care are required to pay a co-payment fee.

    The provincial government sets a co-payment fee for patients in Complex Continuing Care

    All patients in Complex Continuing Care

    and all patients receiving long term Palliative Care and Long-Term Ventilator Care are charged a “Complex Continuing Care Co-payment”.  This co-payment is the patient’s contribution toward their accommodations and meals.  The CCC co-payment rate is set by the government and adjusted on a yearly basis.

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