Palliative Care

Palliative Care provides pain management and relief of symptoms to those experiencing life-threatening, progressive or terminal illness. Palliative Care focuses on physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs while remaining sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual. Grief and bereavement support are part of this caring process.

Admission Criteria for Palliative Care:

  • Adults from London and surrounding area
  • Living with a progressive terminal illness
  • Requiring in-patient admission for pain and/or symptom management, respite or end-of-life care
  • Support of the interdisciplinary team
  • “Allow Natural Death” is in place
  • Facility/team is able to meet the care needs of the patient (does not require interventions that we cannot provide/access)

Reasons for admission

  • pain and symptom management with the expectation that the patient will return home
  • end of life care with no expectation that the patient will return home

Patient who are admitted to palliative care for longer than 30 days may be charged a co-payment. This co-payment is the patient’s contribution toward their accommodations and meals. The co-payment rate is set by the government and adjusted on a yearly basis. Patients should be informed of this possibility.


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