Current Executive Compensation

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The Performance Evaluation Framework for Vice President role consists of an annual assessment. Below you will find current executive compensation information:

  • Integrated Vice President, Diagnostic Services and Chief Information Officer — Glen Kearns
  • Integrated Vice President, Medical Affairs and Medical Education (.9 FTE) — Dr. Robin Walker
  • Integrated Vice President, Research and Scientific Director, Lawson Health Research Institute (funded by Lawson) — Dr. David Hill
  • President and CEO — Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
  • Vice President, Patient Care and Chief Nurse Executive — Karen Perkin
  • Vice President, Patient Care and Quality — Jodi Younger
  • Vice President, Clinical Support and Chief Financial Officer — Lori Higgs
  • Vice President, Human Resources and Facilities — Karen Stone
  • Vice President, Patient Care and Risk Management — Roy Butler
Last updated: Wed, 2017-05-17 14:01