Communicating With You: June 2012

Video message from Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Video highlights: 

Accredited with Exemplary Standing

I am proud to say that St. Joseph’s was awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada for our 2011 review. A decision of “Accredited with Exemplary Standing” means an organization has attained the highest level of performance and quality in achieving the majority of required elements in the accreditation program.

This outstanding achievement illustrates our commitment to quality and excellence across all aspects of health care.  It is a reflection of our daily performance and the compassionate and supportive culture of St. Joseph's.

Noted in particular by the reviewers were our well-developed integrated ethics program and evidence of quality improvement in several areas, such as falls prevention and access and flow in clinical programs. We were also recognized for high levels of patient safety, strengths in medication safety and work on reducing hospital acquired infections.

Strategic plan

Through listening and engaging others, we recently completed a new strategic plan.  This plan sets us on a firm course for the future by responding to what others tell us matters most.

Our strategic plan will guide us through to 2015 and covers a lot of territory. But at the same time, we have priority areas of focus. We have set specific and measurable goals to strengthening our performance, from the care we provide to our patients, to the environments and culture we create for staff, patients and visitors, to research and innovation.

Overall, this plan contains many important building blocks toward achievement of our vision, to “earn complete confidence in the care we provide, and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.

Quality Improvement Plan

We have also updated our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for 2012-2013. As you know, quality improvement at St. Joseph’s is an ongoing priority that helps us to enhance patient care, achieve better clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

Our current plan is available on this website, as is a progress report on our 2011-2012 QIP areas of focus including:

  • improving access to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast cancer
  • reducing hospital acquired infections
  • improving access to cancer surgical care
  • minimizing the use of seclusion and restraints in mental health care

We have made good progress in several key areas, such as hand hygiene and wait times for cancer surgery. We continue to work diligently on our top improvement targets and initiatives.

Recent highlights

Move of cognitive neurology clinics:
Our cognitive neurology clinics have moved from St. Joseph's Hospital to Parkwood Hospital where they are consolidating with Geriatric Medicine and such services as the Aging Brain and Memory Clinic and Mild Cognitive Impairment Clinic. 

With this move, almost all St. Joseph’s cognitive clinical, education and research activities are located in one area. This consolidation will allow for just-in-time intervention, greater collaboration and enhanced innovation and discovery.

Consolidating these services is the first step in creating the Centre for Cognitive Vitality, where experts will work together to advance the diagnosis, treatment and continuity of care of people living with Alzheimer’s  and related dementia.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre
The Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre has moved to new, specially designed, secure yet convenient space on level 0 near the Urgent Care Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital. This new location offers additional privacy, comfort and safety to better serve the public.

Annual Community Meeting

For other highlights from this past fiscal year, I invite you to view video of our Annual Community Meeting for St. Joseph’s Health Care London and St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

The Annual Community Meeting is where we report on our performance and what the future holds for our organization. This year’s meeting featured an online town hall where questions were posted live and I provided answers. Thank you for your feedback and engagement. You can watch the video of the meeting on this website.

Our annual report is also available on this website and I encourage you to read about the year’s exciting highlights. The report also contains our audited financial statements.

I value your feedback
As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas about the way St. Joseph's serves you. Please email your ideas or use our feedback form. We are expanding our engagement with you through Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to connecting with you.

As always, we are committed to the very best in health care and serving with respect, excellence and compassion.

We are committed to the very best health care.
Because we want to earn complete confidence in the care we provide,
and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.


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