Urgent Care Centre

Child receiving care at the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at St. Joseph’s Hospital

The Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at St. Joseph’s Hospital offers one-stop patient services for those who have non-life-threatening illness or injury (e.g. fever, earaches, broken bones) and need immediate treatment. The UCC offers assessment, treatment and a wide range of diagnostic services including x-rays, ultrasounds and laboratory tests. Our registered nurses and physicians are trained in adult and paediatric advanced life support.

How are we doing?

In our most recent survey (January – March 2016), 94% of patients surveyed responded positively about the overall quality of care they received in our UCC. Our results are above the Ontario Teaching Hospital average (see graph below). Internally, we also set goals related to percent excellent responses and monitor this against the target on a quarterly basis.

Above graph - Urgent Care Patients: Rating of Overall Quality of Care.

For Urgent Care, the percent positive score is the percent of respondents that rated the overall quality of care positively (e.g., answered “Excellent, Very Good or Good” when response options are “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor”). The number of responses for each quarter of reporting is shown below the quarter specified on the x-axis.

Success stories

“I was a patient at St. Joseph’s Urgent Care Centre in July 2012. I came looking for care for my swollen legs. As soon as I arrived I was greeted at the registration desk by a very pleasant woman. I was quickly seen by a nurse and was told I could be having a heart attack. All of the nurses were marvelous and kept checking on me every few minutes as I waited to be transferred to University Hospital. I am very grateful for the kind, and thorough care I received.” ~ Betty

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