2012-2013 Annual Report

St. Joseph's 2013/14 Board of Directors

The St. Joseph's Board of Directors carries on a strong tradition of understanding the issues, while never losing sight of this organization's roots, values, mission and vision. Our mandate is fulfilled through a strong governance structure, advancing our capacity to use relevant, timely information, and the dedication of all those who are part of the St. Joseph's family.

  • McLaughlin, Margaret (Chair) 
  • Griffin, Phil (Vice Chair) 
  • Beattie, Brad 
  • Callaghan, John 
  • Chesney, Kimberley 
  • DiCecco, Robert MD 
  • Faulkner, Murray 
  • Grail, Marcella 
  • Harris, Darcy 
  • Jarmain, Sarah MD 
  • Kellow, Margaret 
  • Kernaghan, Gillian MD (CEO) 
  • Kiteley, Paul 
  • Labbé, Gaétan 
  • LeClair, Ron 
  • McNamara, Terrence Fr. 
  • Merchea, Mohan, MD (PSOP Vice President)
  • Perkin, Karen 
  • Player, Scott 
  • Pocock, Patricia 
  • Smith, Bruce 
  • Strong, Michael MD 
  • Van Trigt, David