Student Affairs: Placement process for students currently enrolled in a college or university program

The placement process outlined below applies to all students currently enrolled in a college or university program.

  1. Student Affairs at St. Joseph's receives placement request from the school and confirms an affiliation agreement is in place with the school requesting the placement.
  2. The school completes the student information sheet (excel file) on behalf of the student and submits it to Student affiars eight weeks before the placement is to begin.
  3. Information Technology Services at St. Joseph's generates network computer password and login information for students, which is sent to the school by Student Affairs well in advance of the start date.
  4. The school forwards the network computer login and password information to the student and advises the student to complete the pre-placement requirements at least one week before the placement starts.
  5. The school sends confirmation to Student Affairs that the pre-placement requirements have been met one week before the placement is scheduled to begin.
  6. Review student affairs frequently asked questions (FAQ) and make a list of any outstanding questions you still have.
  7. Your preceptor will connect with you regarding Day #1 arrangements (where to meet him/her, if any pre-reading is required, and whether you will be attending a formal orientation workshop together, or completing the self-learning orientation package together etc.) and to answer any other outstanding questions you may have. Access the self-learning orientation package is the means by which you will be oriented for your prior review/reflection. 
  8. Day #1: Meet your preceptor at the pre-arranged meeting place at which time your preceptor will jointly address orientation and obtaining the Security Package relevant to your area of practice (i.e. ID badge, access card, panic alarms, fire keys, etc.)
  9. Enjoy a great placement with your preceptor and know that Student Affairs, as well as Professional Practice Consultants, are available should you have questions or concerns at any stage of your placement.
  10. On the last day of placement, you are required to return all security items to the same Security Services location where you obtained security items.
  11. Any non-returned security items will be billed to you via your school within 2 weeks of your departure.  Please refer to the pre-placement requirements for specific costs.
Last updated: Fri, 2018-03-02 16:01