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St. Joseph’s Health Care London is smoke-free

To support those we serve, and as part of our role in promoting a healthy community, St. Joseph’s Health Care London is a smoke-free hospital organization

Q – Why is St. Joseph’s a smoke-free organization?

A – St. Joseph’s is committed to providing a smoke-free, safe, and healthy environment for those who receive care, work in or visit our facilities.

Q - What does this mean for patients/residents, staff and visitors?

A – Patients/residents, staff, families and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the building, on the grounds, or in the parking garage. Those who wish to smoke need to do so off-site. It is important for us to give staff and patients/residents, the choice and support to stop smoking, and that our facilities provide a non-triggering environment for people working through the various stages of tobacco addiction and nicotine withdrawal. We are committed to providing the best support possible for staff and residents during this transition.

Q - What kind of support is available for patients/residents who wish to manage or quit their smoking habits?

A – For patients/residents, there is individualized clinical assessment, management and, if chosen, smoking cessation supports that are available. Please contact your care provider directly for more information on smoking cessation support.

Q- Where can staff, patients/residents and visitors go to smoke?

A – Anyone who wishes to smoke will need to do so off hospital property. A more detailed description of property lines can be found here.

Q – Who can I contact if I have a concern or would like more information on smoke-free initiatives at St. Joseph’s?

A - If you have any questions please contact Patient Relations.

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