Complex Care and Veterans Care Facts and Stats

Complex Care offers a variety of inpatient services for individuals requiring continuing medical management, skilled nursing, and a range of interdisciplinary, diagnostic, therapeutic and technological services.

The program is designed for individuals whose needs cannot be met in acute care, long term care settings or at home, and who require a broad interdisciplinary approach to care. Care teams can include physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, clinical dietitians, speech language pathologists, therapeutic recreation specialists, pharmacists, spiritual care providers, respiratory therapists, music therapists and volunteers.

The Veterans Care program offers a range of specialized services to meet the medical, physical, psychosocial, cognitive and emotional needs of veterans. Working with our partners, including Veterans Affairs Canada and veterans organizations, we provide support and assistance to veterans and their families to enhance their quality of life. Our areas of care include dementia, chronic mental health, physical supportive and palliative. St. Joseph’s Parkwood Hospital is proud to serve those who served us.

Eligibility for admission is established according to Veterans Affairs Canada criteria.

What Complex Care and Veterans Care has to offer

Complex Care
Palliative Care: Treatment, support and comfort for individuals and families living with, or dying from, a progressive, life-threatening illness.

Short Term Assessment Planning: Development of treatment plans to manage complex chronic conditions, exploration of the potential for improvement in function, treatment trials or observation over an extended period of time, and management of functional issues such as swallowing, seating and skin care.

Complex Respite Care: Short term admission to hospital and outreach services to support caregivers in the community. Provides assessment, treatment and technological support for individuals with complex chronic

Complex Continuing Care: Interdisciplinary medical assessment and management for those with chronic and complex conditions whose needs cannot be met in the community or a long term care facility. The goal is to assist patients to regain independence in the community.

Veterans Care
Physical Supportive:
For veterans whose daily functioning is affected by physical health problems or chronic illnesses with the goal of maximizing function. Palliative care is also available to provide treatment, support  and comfort for veterans and their families living with, or dying from, a progressive, life-threatening illness.

Psychosocial Support: For veterans whose daily functioning is affected by chronic mental health problems or mild to moderate cognitive impairment with the goal of helping them maintain an optimal level of function and integrate more readily into their social and living environment. Therapy increases social skills, self-esteem and involvement in structured activities.

Dementia Care: Care for veterans with dementia to maintain their best possible function, independence and quality of life within a safe environment with emphasis placed on family support and education.

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