Our People

The people of St. Joseph’s are called to serve and to create a rich, innovative tapestry of compassionate, excellent care. We know that in order to bring health, healing and peace to others, we must strive to be our very best in body, mind and spirit. The quality of our presence matters.

Our leaders are accountable for creating strong working environments and, with us, improve the conditions of our work and service. They strive to lead by example and to foster strong individual and team performance. By building strong relationships and mechanisms for input, we are encouraged to speak out about concerns or issues that affect the quality and safety of care and impact the quality of our work environment.

Together, we all live St. Joseph’s values of respect, excellence and compassion.


We are passionate and fulfilled in our service

Each person will feel a deeper connection between their role and the achievement of our vision. Each person will have a better sense of how their team is performing and they will have been engaged in activities to improve performance and provide their input. Individuals will report a stronger sense of personal accountability for the quality of their work and that they experience St. Joseph’s as a place where everyone lives our values.

We will also become a stronger organization in safety and wellness. This will occur through collaborative efforts to look at both staff and patient safety through a more integrated lens. We will design and implement safety improvement initiatives that cut across teams and sites and we will implement additional wellness programs.

While it is noted as a strategic priority, leadership excellence is regarded as the key to achievement of this goal. It is only through higher levels of consistent leadership practice that we will take St. Joseph’s to the next levels of great performance.

By 2018 we will:

  • be an organization that values and recognizes staff, medical staff and leaders and provides a work environment focused on wellness and physical and psychological safety
  • be known as a workplace of choice for staff, medical staff and leaders where each person lives
  • the values of the organization and takes personal accountability for the quality of their work
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