Strategic Enablers

Through the consultation process, key enablers were identified that are foundational to the achievement of our goals and priorities. We are stewards of these resources and gifts of time and money entrusted to us.

Financial Resources

Financial resources underpin our capacity to not only carry out our mission, but to invest in strategies and priorities that will contribute to our care, teaching and research vision, mission and goals. St. Joseph’s is blessed to have a legacy of farsighted financial management, especially now at a time when we are adjusting to new provincial hospital funding formulas and changing needs in other areas, including long term care and veterans care. We will continue to address the impacts of funding changes, working closely with leaders, teams, and government representatives to identify and address issues.

Our mandate is to balance the challenges of multiple, changing funding sources and constraints with our own accountability for ensuring maximum value for the dollars we spend. The Institute for Healthcare  improvement’s Triple Aim model is a reference we use when considering our overall financial stewardship – our role in the health care system, the connection to each person’s experience of care, and the cost.

Philanthropy and Volunteerism 

Giving and volunteering are essential ingredients that contribute to our “difference” at St. Joseph’s. Part of the unique culture of philanthropy at St. Joseph’s is how it is as much about what donors and volunteers want to personally achieve, as it is about the needs they wish to support.

We recognize that donor gifts in particular are a tangible expression of how we’ve earned the confidence of our community, and that such support will be more vital than ever to our strategic directions.

St. Joseph’s Health Care London is committed to fostering an environment that both champions and celebrates the impact of philanthropy, and strongly supports the work of the St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and its strategic plans for growth.

Last updated: Fri, 2015-06-26 13:32