A core part of our mission as a Catholic health organization is to lend our voice in advocating for others and for system change. We recognize that our staff do this kind of work on a daily basis as they seek supports for patients returning home with new health care needs or to other community care, as they encounter people struggling to find affordable, supportive housing, and as they work to help people find meaningful activities and social supports of many kinds.

Through this strategic plan process we had rich conversations about our responsibility to raise our voice as an organization to advocate for compassionate end of life care, care for the vulnerable members of society, for gaps in service and for the sustainability of the unique services provided by St. Joseph’s to the community and region.

We take this step in honour of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who by their example, encourage respectful dialogue for a better world for all.

Last updated: Mon, 2015-06-29 13:02