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Medical Affairs: Orientation Information for Residents and Clinical Fellows

NOTE: The hospital application package will be emailed to incoming Residents/Clinical Fellows starting between June - October within the first two weeks of May.

Information about hospital provided courses, such as ACLS, N95, and EHR will be outlined within the hospital application package.


Resident Orientation Day was held June 29, 2017

Please see the agenda

The hospital application package will include a checklist outlining the mandatory hospital requirements. These mandatory requirements, along with approval from the PGME office and the Medical Affairs office will confirm your start date to begin clinical activity.

Details on the 2016 mandatory requirements are outlined below

Hospital Appointment Letter

Sign and return both page 1 and 2 of your Hospital Appointment lette to Medical Affairs at medical.affairs@londonhospitals.ca. The Hospital Appointment letter is contained in your hospital application package emailed from Medical Affairs.

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CMPA Membership

To obtain membership, click HERE for further information.

Please forward CMPA membership to Medical Affairs.

CMPA for International Medical Graduates

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Health Review with Occupational Health and Safety Department

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Online training and eLearning

  • Privacy and Confidentiality - Login details to complete this training is included in the hospital application package.

  • eLearning in MyEducation (ME) learning management system - elearing will be available once you have access to the hospital system and/or have received your corporate ID. 

    A variety of elearning is required to be completed in the ME (MyEducation) Learning Management System. ME is a learning management system used by Residents and Clinical Fellows.  ME features a robust, continuously expanding catalogue of elearning modules which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This system not only allows you to access your corporate mandatory elearning (Certifications), but also provides you the opportunity to register for various in class training sessions such as Electronic Health Records, view optional elearning courses, and print a record of your learing.

  • FirstNet - To be completed prior to any Emergency Medicine rotations. Module is not compatible with MAC/browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9.

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Holding a valid ACLS is a mandatory requirement for all PGY 1 and PGY 2 Residents. If you are a PGY 1 or PGY 2 Resident and do not have a valid ACLS certification, please register for one of the courses offered in ME(MyEducation)
Once you have access to the hospital system and/or have received your corporate ID you will be able to register for the next ACLS course through ME(MyEducation)

If you are a PGY 1 or 2 (no matter what department) will need to recertify if your ACLS is about to expire. (cost covered)

If you are a PGY3+ in the programs listed below, you will need to recertify if your ACLS is about to expire: (cost covered)

  • Internal Medicine 
  • Critical Care Medicine 
  • Cardiology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology (PGY 1-3 only) 
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine 
  • Nuclear Medicine 
  • Psychiatry 
  • Nephrology 
  • Dentistry (OMFS) 
  • Respirology 
  • Radiation Oncology 
  • Family Medicine -Enhanced Skills

 To register prior to access, please call 519-685-8500 x75911

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N95 Respirator Fit-Testing

Once you have a Corporate ID, sessions can be viewed and registered for through ME(MyEducation)

You will be required to obtain N95 Respirator Fit-Testing certification.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Orientation

This is mandatory training required PRIOR to starting and consists of 2 parts; an elearning module and an in class session

Once you have access to ME(MyEducation) , you can log on to compelte the elearning component and at the end of the learning you will have the opportunity to register for an in class session.

Further EHR training - information will be outlined in the hospital application package.

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After completing the above requirements, go to Next: Getting Started

For more information, once you have access to the hospital system and/or have received your corporate ID, login to view the Medical Affairs intranet*.