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Nov. 05, 2015

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November Ontario’s first fall prevention month

Falls are the leading cause of death, hospitalization and emergency room visits from unintentional injury for those 65 years and over in Middlesex-London. Statistics Canada reports an estimated one in three older adults fall each year, and Parachute says in 2010 falls were responsible for the most injury deaths in Ontario and generated $2.8 billion in costs to the provincial economy.

To increase awareness of this significant health issue and encourage action to prevent falls, the Middlesex-London Falls Prevention Collaborative is holding a kickoff event in November which is the first ever Fall Prevention Month in Ontario. This event, called Finding Your Balance, features guest speakers, exhibitors, fitness activities and lunch and is free to seniors and caregivers. Preregistration is required at: or by calling 519-434-9114.

“While the Collaborative is doing its best to prevent falls by raising awareness and providing education, sometimes falls do occur and that’s where we come in,” explains Lisa Timbeck, sales and marketing assistant for the ConnectCare medical alert system. If a fall does occur and the person is conscious, they just press the ConnectCare button to summon help. However, if the person falls and can’t push the button because he or she is unconscious, disoriented, or immobilized, ConnectCare’a AutoAlert product automatically summons help.”

Whether looking for information on preventing falls, calling for help if a fall does occur, or finding care after a fall, the experts at Finding Your Balance are there to help. 

Media are invited to attend Finding Your Balance where ConnectCare will exhibit services and equipment, along with community partners with the Middlesex-London Falls Prevention Collaborative.  

What: Finding Your Balance - kick-off event for Fall Prevention Month in Middlesex-London - free event for seniors and caregivers with exhibitors, guest speakers, fitness activities & lunch
When: Friday November 6, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Horton Street Seniors’ Centre (at the Boys & Girls Club of London), 184 Horton Street, London.

For more information and to arrange interviews:

Anne Kay, Communication and Public Affairs 
Pager: 519-649-9238, phone: 519-646-6100, ext. 42470


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Connect Care is a department of Parkwood Institute, which is part of the St. Joseph's Health Care London family of services. All ConnectCare installations are done by volunteers, and all profits generated support patient care at St. Joseph's Health Care London.
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