Because nurses are the cornerstones of care

St. Joseph's is very proud of our exceptional nurses. Across St. Joseph’s sites, the roles, knowledge and skills of our more than 1,800 nurses are diverse as they work in our operating rooms, recovery areas, inpatient units and specialty clinics in complex care, rehabilitation, geriatrics, family medicine, long term care, veterans care, mental health and other specialized areas.

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A day in the life of our nurses

Anticipating and preventing life-threatening complications, teaching patients and families how to care for themselves, creating relationships that allow patients to resume their lives or regain independence -  it’s all part of an evolving nursing profession at St. Joseph’s.

Here you will have a chance to watch our nursing professionals in their various roles as they instil knowledge, use critical thinking and show their care and compassion to our patients and clients:

 nurses with equipment
Advance Practice Nurses (APN's) at St. Joseph’s support and promote program development, staff education, advancing the practice of nursing and optimizing complex client care in collaboration with clients, families, and the multidisciplinary interprofessional team. Here, Regional Mental Health Care (RMHC) APN Leslien Walters (far left), instructs Breton Eby (centre) a Fanshawe College RPN student and Corinne Wilson an RPN at RMHC London, on the use of a new piece of equipment called the kangaroo pump, used for patients who require nutrition through continuous or intermittent feeding.

nurse with patient
Nurse Clinicians provide in-depth assessments, education, and assistance with the implementation of evidence-based research at the bedside across a variety of St. Joseph’s programs and services. Here, Anne LeMesurier, a Nurse Clinician in Wound Care at Parkwood Hospital performs an in-patient consult for skin and wound issues on veteran John Ready.

nurse and occupational therapist with patient
Registered Nurse and unit lead in Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas' Psychosis Unit, Amy Kidder (middle) and Occupational Therapist, Maureen Ellis (right), help a patient with some living tasks in RMHCS' new rehabilitation apartment, a space which enables staff to work with patients to learn activities of daily living to support the patient's recovery journey and transition from hospital in to the community.

 nurse practitioner with infant
Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) are Registered Nurses who have undertaken an additional specialty training program in acute care, care for adults, or paediatrics, to become a licensed NP through the College of Nurses of Ontario. Here, Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist Wendy McCrady listens to baby Evan Michelle McConnell’s heartbeat at her 12-month check-up at St. Joseph's Health Care London's Family Medical Centre.

nurses with infant
Registered Nurse, Jen Bass, checks Evan Michelle McConnell’s head circumference at her 12-month check-up at St. Joseph's Health Care London's Family Medical Centre.

nurse sets up IV
Linda Waller is an RN who works in the post-anesthetic care unit and surgical day care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Here, Linda records the volume left to be absorbed in a surgical day care unit patient’s IV bag.

nurse tests patient's blood pressure
Maureen Loft is a Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Diabetes and Endocrinology program at St. Joseph's Hospital. She has been awarded an RNAO PhD fellowship for her research in clinical diabetes care.  As part of her role she works to identify ways to advance clinical practice in diabetes care which informs the care provided to patients by the entire diabetes team. Here Maureen consults with one of her diabetes clinic patients.

nurse with patient
Kevin Cresswell is a Registered Practical Nurse at St. Joseph’s Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care (MHCLTC). One of the resident’s that Kevin cares for regularly is Mary MacDonald, who lives at MHCLTC’s Marian Villa residence. “Mary is an independent and joyful resident who loves listening to music on her headphones” shares Kevin.

nurse assisting with surgery
Stuart Lealess is a Registered Nurse in St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Operating Room. Stuart has several roles in the OR from providing patient care before and after a procedure to working alongside the surgeon and OR team during surgeries. Stuart has worked as a nurse at St. Joseph’s for 30 years. Here, Stuart acts as a scrub nurse working with the surgical team during the repair of a distal radius fracture.

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