How are Board members selected?

St. Joseph's Health Care, London's Board of Directors is comprised of 23 directors with a range of health care, business, and community service experience.

Directors include:

  • at least one member of the clergy from the Catholic Diocese (because we are a faith-based organization);
  • the Dean of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry (because of our affiliation with the University of Western Ontario);
  • three members of the medical staff (as per the Ontario Hospitals Act);
  • Chief Nurse Executive (as per the Excellent Care for All Act 2010);
  • Representative of the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation;
  • Representative of the St. Joseph's Health Care Society;
  • St. Joseph's President and CEO; with the balance of the Directors selected from Board committees.

When a member leaves our Board after their term, which is a maximum of six years, the nominating committee looks for a replacement with a similar set of skills and/or additional skills and backgrounds to round out the Board complement. Candidates are drawn from the Board's committee members who have spent several years participating and learning about St. Joseph's and the various health care services it provides to the community. A candidate's ability to give a significant amount of volunteer time and their level of commitment to the organization are important factors in the selection process.

Once the nominating committee identifies potential candidates, their biographies are given to our owners - St. Joseph's Health Care Society. The Society is kept up-to-date throughout the nominating process, since it ultimately approves new Board members at its annual meeting of the members.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Board Chair at 519-646-6100 x.64202 or via email to Terri-Lynn Cook, Executive Assistant.

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