How Do I Access My Personal Health Information?

Viewing a Health Record

A person can view their own health record at the health care facility where they were treated. The same guidelines apply for viewing the health record of an individual under the age of 16, or viewing the health record of the deceased patient as outlined in Obtaining a Copy of a Health Record. Please visit the following link for more detailed information about accessing your health record.

How Do I Correct My Personal Health Information?

If demographic information, e.g., name, address, phone # etc., is incorrect, you can contact Patient Registration.

Phone: 519 646-6100 and enter extension followed by # key:
St. Joseph's Hospital: 66015
Parkwood Hospital: 44033
Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care: 65455
Regional Mental Health Care London: 47302
Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care: 49615

If you feel that any other information in your health record is incorrect, or needs to be amended, contact the Privacy Office. Your request will be reviewed by Privacy and Freedom of Information and the author of the record. By law, the hospital is not required to correct a professional opinion or observation made in good faith about a patient.

Last updated: Tue, 2014-07-22 16:31