Complex Care: Short Stay Medical/Rehabilitation Patients to Complex Care: Pre-admission Information

Who we care for

The Complex Care Program has 71 patient care beds located on two units, 3A East and 3B West. 

Patients on 3B West are short stay patients in need of specific physical rehabilitation. After one to three months of rehabilitation at Parkwood they will be able to return home or to a community setting to live. 

Patients on 3A East are short stay patients with a complex medical rehabilitation need. After one to three months of rehabilitation at Parkwood they will be able to return home or to a community setting to live. 

Our Committment

We are committed to living St. Joseph’s values of respect, excellence and compassion in our care. We also want to achieve St. Joseph’s vision: From the shortest visit to the longest stay, we earn complete confidence in the care we provide, and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.

Your health - Motivation and Participation

Staying motivated is the key to reaching your rehabilitation and health goals. Your daily participating is needed for you to be successful. You will need to take the initiative to be part of your own care for example: 

  • when it is safe for you to do so you will be encouraged to wash yourself, dress yourself, eat and go to the washroom on your own
  • you will be encouraged to sit up in your chair and attend meals in the dining area
  • you need to attend all therapy sessions

Your goals and going home

Our care team will help you set goals for your rehabilitation during your stay. We will also help arrange your discharge to home. This discharge plan will be made along with you and your family (with your consent) during the first week of your stay.

What to bring

Space is limited. Please bring only essential items. We suggest you bring:
  • at least five changes of loose fitting comfortable (seasonal) clothes
  • tooth brush/toothpaste
  • walking/running shoes
  • razor/shaving cream
  • deodorant
  • comb/brush
  • eyeglasses/hearing air
  • mirror
  • personal aids such as wheelchairs and walkers
Please do not bring valuables. Parkwood Institute is not responsible for storing or safety of personal belongings.

Our rooms

Most rooms have four beds. Bed assignments are made based on care needs and availability. Room changes may be necessary during your stay to ensure we are providing the right care to the right patients in the right setting. You may share a room with males and females. 

For your stay - How you can help

  • We ask patients and family refrain from bringing their own fans due to infection control, energy use and the impact on air circulation in the room. 
  • Hot packs are not allowed on the unit
  • Laundry services are not available in hospital for patient clothing. Please make arrangements for laundering of personal items. 
  • Please ensure all power mobility equipment is assessed by one of our therapists before it is used in our building. 
  • St. Joseph’s is a smoke free facility. Smoking is not allowed on hospital property. 
  • We encourage you to read the patient and family handbook for more information – available for free at request.
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