Inspiring a passion for excellence

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan is a “fire starter” when it comes to igniting passion for excellence in health care.  

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

The President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care London has been named a 2017 Fire Starter Hall of Fame winner by Studer Group, a health care coaching firm that helps organizations achieve and sustain exceptional improvement in employee and physician engagement, patient experience and clinical outcomes and financial results. St. Joseph’s has partnered with Studer on leadership excellence development since 2012.

Induction into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame is the highest award for excellence given by Studer Group. The Fire Starter Hall of Fame award recognizes a leader who, through their dedication and passion, guides and supports an organization's commitment to excellence while keeping the true spirit of an organization alive and flourishing.

Gillian was the only Canadian among six health care leaders selected for the hall of fame this year. The award is given annually in conjunction with Studer Group’s best practices conference, What’s Right in Health Care, which attracts top-performing health care organizations from the U.S., Canada and Australia. The conference was held Aug. 1-3 in Chicago.

“Gillian epitomizes the essence of the Fire Starter Hall of Fame award,” says Bonnie Cochrane, General Manager, Studer Group Canada. “Gillian’s passion and determination to make health care better for employees, physicians, patients and the community is inspiring. She is recognized across the country for her dedication to skill development, bringing physician practice and leadership together, and advancing leadership and engagement while fully embracing all health disciplines in teamwork to achieve excellent performance.”

At St. Joseph’s, Gillian lives leadership and breathes the values of St. Joseph’s in her day-to-day actions. 

“Her presence is palpable in the life of the organization and the health care system,” says Margaret Kellow, Chair of St. Joseph’s Board of Directors. “She engages leaders, physicians, staff, partners, donors and the public, always seeking feedback, recognizing the value of others, giving them a voice and providing opportunities to shine. As a result, St. Joseph’s staff and physician engagement scores are among the highest in Ontario.”

With her collaborative style of leadership, Gillian is ensuring St. Joseph’s strong tradition of respectful, compassionate and excellent care remains on firm footing, today and in the future. She has set a vision that inspires all those working within the walls of St. Joseph’s to earn complete confidence and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.

Read the Studer media release for more about the Fire Starter Hall of Fame.

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