Our People: Meet Rachel Parker, Food Service Supervisor

Rachel supervises and supports dietary staff in producing the most nutritious and tasty food possible for the dining pleasure of patients.

Rachel Parker in the Mount Hope courtyard

Typical Day:

There really is no typical day for Rachel. She works at all St. Joseph’s sites, which provides her with new challenges and opportunities to learn each day. No matter where she is, most days begin with ensuring food is prepared on time and tailored to patients’ and residents’ needs. This requires collaborating with the registered dietitian on patient/resident dietary issues and ensuring kitchen operations run smoothly. She participates in a team huddle every day to discuss all of the items pertinent for the day.

Some days are more hectic than others, requiring Rachel to wear a few different hats. From menu issues that may arise, to equipment malfunctions and staffing levels, there is so much to attend to. However, in the end, Rachel’s main goal is to have the food prepared and delivered by any means necessary.

Rachel loves that every day is a surprise. No matter where she works or what new challenges await, Rachel always has fun.

“Oh, and the test trays where we get to sample new food items, they’re a pretty great perk too!” adds Rachel.

Personal Touch

Rachel brings unwavering positivity to her role. She is a high-energy person with a serious love for food. Every day she makes an effort to bring a smile to work, connect with staff and break up the day with jokes. “Rate Rachel’s Outfit” is also a frequent and amusing diversion.

“My favourite thing about my job is the people and the variety,” says Rachel. “The team that I am a part of is outstanding and a fantastic support system. Each team member is amazing in each of their specialties. The coordinators and our Director, Trina Smith, showcase great leadership and inspire me every day to continue to learn more.”

Rachel was recently selected as this year’s Share the Spirit sponsored employee. In this role, she will provide dedicated support to the committee by planning, implementing and monitoring fundraising activities and create long-lasting change in the community. She is looking forward to transitioning into this role at the end of August and hopes to bring her enthusiasm and passion for St. Joseph’s to donors, volunteers and all those who support Share the Spirit.

Just for fun

Rachel plays soccer, bakes, cross stitches, paints, does yoga and watches a lot of reality TV. She also enjoys walking with her partner, Ryan, dog, Logan, and cat, Spooky, who follows behind without a leash.

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