High honours in patient care

Excellence in Patient Care for employee engagement achievement awardSt. Joseph’s Health Care London has been awarded a 2017 Excellence in Patient Care Award for employee engagement achievement. 

Presented by Studer Group, the award honours health care organizations that sustain high employee engagement scores or demonstrate significant improvements in the area of employee engagement. 

These scores matter because employee engagement – along with leader, physician, and patient engagement – is linked to clinical quality, the patient experience, and various aspects of organizational performance. 

“Not only has St. Joseph’s shown great improvements in staff and physician engagement scores but the results have been sustained and are increasing year after year, says Bonnie Cochrane, General Manager, Studer Group Canada. “This is very impressive.”

In 2016, the employee engagement score, which reflects how staff feel about working at St. Joseph’s, was 75.9 per cent while the score for physicians was 75.1 per cent. Both scores are among the highest in the province and have shown dramatic increases since 2013. 

Studer Group is a health care coaching firm that helps organizations achieve and sustain exceptional improvement in employee and physician engagement, patient experience and clinical outcomes and financial results. The Excellence in Patient Care Awards are presented annually to a select group of organizations from Studer Group’s partner base of hospitals, health systems, and physician organizations. St. Joseph’s has partnered with Studer on leadership excellence development since 2012. The awards were announced at Studer’s 15th annual What’s Right in Health Care® best practices conference, which took place Aug. 1-3, in Chicago. 

“The award is considered a significant achievement,” says Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s. “All staff and physicians across the organization can take pride in our successes and in achieving this honour.”

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