Our People: Today I met... St. Leonard's Community Services London and Region

Listening to the voices of our patients, residents, family members and staff is important to ensuring we provide safe, quality care. Each and every time I meet with someone I come away with the gift of their wisdom, experience, feedback and suggestions. Each and every time I hear about the compassionate care provided at St. Joseph’s.

Today I met... is an opportunity to capture the real life experiences of patients, residents and our staff at St. Joseph's London. These features will highlight the experiences and roles of people at St. Joseph's and how individuals work together and collaborate for healthier communities. Dr Gillian Kernaghan, President and CEO met and talked with Heather Lumley, Executive Director at St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region (SLCS). 

This year SLCS was the successful recipient of St. Joseph’s President’s Award, Community Partner of Distinction. The Community Partner of Distinction Award honours a group or organization that makes a significant contribution to the health and well-being of individuals and our community as a whole. They have stepped up to collaborate with us – and we with them – an effort to improve patient care outcomes and the overall patient care experience. 

At SLCS, extraordinary efforts reach far. The organization was selected by St. Joseph’s for their mutual purpose in promoting positive change for individuals who have been in conflict with the law. 

“The SLCS team’s knowledge and experience working within the justice system, their trained staff and their compassion and sensitivity to the challenging life trajectories of our patients have and continues to feed the success of this collaboration,” says Janice Vandervooren, Director of Forensic Psychiatry Program at Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.

Patients who would have traditionally remained in hospital for much longer are now able to transition to community living sooner. This partnership has been presented nationally to share learning and successes. 

Dr. Kernaghan and Heather Lumley at St. Leonards

Dr Gillian Kernaghan, St. Joseph’s President and CEO connected with Heather Lumley, Executive Director at St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region to find out what makes the two organizations partnership so unique. 

“Our program is evidence that a small group of people that believe can make a difference in other’s lives,” said Heather Lumley, Executive Director, SLCS.


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