Did you know:

  • Dr. Ian McWhinney became the first chair of family medicine in Canada when he came to The University of Western Ontario in 1968. His A Textbook of Family Medicine is the primary textbook in family medicine in many medical schools around the world. In his footsteps would follow many dedicated physicians who would also contribute to London being known for family medicine. In 1998, Dr. McWhinney was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada for his contributions to Canadian society.
  • There are 283 family physicians in London; 536 in the five counties of Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin, Huron, and Perth; and 971 in the 10 counties of Southwestern Ontario.
  • Many family physicians provide an array of specialty services such as obstetrics, palliative care, emergency medicine, and sexual assault and domestic violence treatment in addition to their family medicine load.
  • Fifty residents graduate in family medicine each year from The University of Western Ontario.
  • The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine at Western, founded by Dr. Ian McWhinney, is the leading centre for research in family practice in Canada.
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