Veterans capture "I Was Born at St. Joseph's" history in art

Mar. 09, 2011

Nurses and Veterans have created art that honours more than 100 years of perinatal care in a unique and meaningful project to celebrate a very special legacy.

To mark the milestone of the transfer of perinatal and obstetric care from St. Joseph's to London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in early June, nurses from perinatal and obstetric care at St. Joseph's Hospital and War II veterans from Parkwood combined their artistic skills.  On Feb. 25 they painted three, eight-feet-high silk paintings destined to be hung in the new space at LHSC. The art will serve as a permanent reminder of the illustrious legacy of life and love of perinatal and obstetric care at St. Joseph's.

"The day we spent painting with veterans was so much fun," says Kim Planques, director of perinatal care at St. Joseph's and director of women's and children's ambulatory services at LHSC. "It gave all of us a chance to reminisce about our time at St Joseph's."

The perinatal and obstetric teams identified the images to include on the artwork and Bev McNaughton from veterans arts at Parkwood sketched those ideas onto the silk canvasses.

The completed artwork will be unveiled on May 11, when past and present staff members gather to celebrate the perinatal and women's health's legacy of life and love at St. Joseph's.

Nurses Nancy Thomson and Nancy Boyd, and Veteran Winton MacKay work on art to commemorate the legacy of perinatal care at St. Joseph's

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