Sexual Assault: About Your Care

If you have visited the Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre following a sexual assault, it is normal to have some questions about your care. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us. Please indicate how we can get in touch with you.

If you are in crisis and need to speak with someone and it is after program office hours, please look at the front of your local phone book for crisis numbers in your area.

  • If you have a question about some of the medications commonly used in our program please see the Medications page.
  • If you have questions about sexually transmitted infections, some of which you may have been tested for, please see the Sexually Transmitted Infections page.

Follow-up Care

Follow-up care is an option available to you. Repeat testing for sexually transmitted infections, and in some cases pregnancy is important to ensure you are physically healthy. We can also provide ongoing emotional support. You can choose to follow up with your family doctor or your local public health unit.

Initial follow-up visit: 48 hours after the first visit
To see how you are doing emotionally
To report the initial test results if they are available
To assess any injuries

Other visits
To see how you are doing emotionally
To repeat tests
To report test results

Recommended schedule
2 weeks: repeat genital swabs
4-6 weeks: repeat HIV test
3 months: repeat HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis tests
6 months: repeat HIV, hepatitis C tests

These tests can also be done at your local public health clinic, (phone number for the London Middlesex Health Unit is 519 663-5217), or by your family doctor.

If you have decided to take HIV prevention medications, you will be asked to visit more often in the first 28 days, to monitor the effect of the medications.

You have the option of counseling through our social worker. Contact us and leave your name and how to safely contact you.

Stored Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
You might not be sure if you want to report the assault to police. You can have the evidence gathered at the hospital, but stored anonymously while you think about it.

How to have a stored kit looked at by police
You will need to come to the Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre to sign a release of information (please contact us to arrange a time) or you may also call the police in the area where the assault occurred to report and sign a release of information with them. We will let the police know they have permission to look at the evidence kit. You will need to talk to the police about what happened. They then decide if they will begin an investigation.

How to get your belongings back (stored kits only):
Please contact us and let us know you want your belongings returned. We will get them from storage and meet with you at an agreed time to return items to you.

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