Nursing at St. Joseph's

Nursing at St Joseph's Health Care London has an outstanding reputation for compassion and excellence in an environment where respect is the hallmark.

There are a wide range of clinical environments including: mental health, care of the elderly with complex needs, family centered maternity care, rehabilitation, high technology based acute care and, assisting clients and families managing chronic disease. Anticipating and preventing life-threatening complications, teaching patients and families how to care for themselves, creating relationships that allow patients to resume their lives or regain independence — it’s all part of an evolving nursing profession.

A philosophy of shared leadership among nursing and interdisciplinary teams enables care providers, learners and teachers to contribute their best to patient care, teaching and research.

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Nursing Council

“Exceptional nursing…a passion for practice, learning and leadership”

St. Joseph’s Health Care London has a very active Nursing Council which is an integral aspect of the shared leadership program. Established in 1990, its membership is drawn from a broadly based spectrum of programs with the majority of members being direct care nurses. This forum provides an opportunity for nurses to demonstrate leadership and to engage in collaborative dialogue and decision making. The outcomes of this forum contribute to enhanced patient care, quality of work life and the evolution of nursing, locally, nationally and internationally.

“Nursing council has given my voice volume. It has allowed me to become directly involved in decisions that affect all nurses at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. It’s about connecting nurses to nurses. This is what gives us power- power to make a difference, strengthen our relationships, increase our knowledge of issues directly affecting nurses, implement changes and create better outcomes for all. After 20 years in nursing, Nursing Council has reaffirmed my belief that nurses can and do make a difference!”
Sue LeBlanc, Nurse Clinician, Pre-Admission Program

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Nursing Leadership

The nursing professional practice leadership team consists of a vice-president of professional practice/chief nurse executive, nursing director, nursing practice, and nursing professional practice consultants.

The team is accountable for advancing professional nursing practice in all of St. Joseph’s areas of care. Their central goal is to improve patient/client/resident care by promoting high quality, safe, and healthy workplaces though implementation of best practices and timely responses to changes in legislation and professional standards.  They are actively engaged in supporting the academic and research mandates of the organization. They support the principles of shared leadership through collaborative approaches with members of the discipline, physician and allied health disciplines, operational leaders or (management teams) and external community partners. Leaders also participate on the nursing council executive committee to support the council co-chairs.

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Nursing Summit

In October 2010 St. Joseph’s hosted its first-ever Nursing Summit. This was an opportunity for over 150 nurses, interprofessional staff, and leaders to come together and connect with one another while completing activities focused on creating a strong framework for how moving forward nursing would contribute to St. Joseph’s strategic plan and future vision.

The Summit was based upon and planned around the appreciative inquiry process which began with the process of collecting stories from nurses across the organization in the months leading up to the summit about a time in their career when they felt engaged and inspired in their practice. The committee received amazing stories about times when nurses were present for a patient or family member during a difficult time, used their skills and knowledge in crisis situations, or offered hope to those struggling. Through the use of the AI process and stories it provided an opportunity to reflect on our strengths and attributes to build the future vision of nursing at St. Joseph’s.

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